Naidoo, James Kistnaswami




23 Sep. 1981






Hy was one of the pioneer workers amongst the Indians. Early in 1981 evangelist Albert Murugan, the first full-time Indian worker in the mission field of the Ned Geref. Kerk, passed away, and in the same year he was followed by the other pioneer. Rev Naidoo was admitted as evangelist in the service of the Ned Geref. Kerk in 1957 and under the supervision of Rev Johannes Pretorius he began his pioneer work in the southern parts of Durban, while evangelist Murugan proceeded with his ministry in Pietermaritzburg. As a result of Rev Naidoo’s labours two congregations of the Reformed Church in Africa were founded in that area: Durban-South and Moriah. In the late sixties he left for Port Elizabeth where once again he had to start at the very beginning, but his ministry was so richly blessed that the Eastern Cape congregation was established in 1974. In 1976 the Synod of the Reformed Church in Africa licensed him as a minister of the Gospel. After his retirement at the end of January 1980 he returned to Durban where he ministered to the congregation of Moriah as emeritus on a part-time basis until he became ill shortly before his decease. He was a friendly Christian, always cheerful, and a faithful hardworking labourer in the vineyard of his Master. He was also an exceptionally well gifted singer, especially of Christian hymns in different Indian languages. Consequently the SABC often availed themselves of his services for their spiritual programmes for Indians.